Hi guys and thanks for watching today I want to introduce you to potassium. weight chemistry class so stay with me here and I’ll show you why potassium is important to you and your blood pressure you have very likely heard that too much salt or sodium is bad for you in fact too much salt is associated with high blood pressure people who cut back on their salt intake can lower their blood pressure by as much as eight points well potassium can lower your blood pressure also but here’s the kicker you do not want to cut back on potassium instead you want to increase your potassium intake the average American adult consumes only half of the recommended 4700 mg of potassium every day and increase potassium intake to this level would result in significant reductions in blood pressure enough to lower your risk of dying from heart attack and stroke stop right there don’t rush out get yourself potassium supplements the evidence that the supplements will lower your blood pressure is not very compelling on the other hand evidence supporting an increase in potassium intake through diet is very strong in fact the dash diet strongly recommends eating foods high in potassium – is an acronym for dietary approaches to stop hypertension and it is the gold standard for people with high blood pressure so now that you know you need to eat more foods containing potassium I bet you’re asking yourself what foods are high in potassium that’s a great question now I could give you a long list of these foods but instead I asked my kids to draw couple pictures for you so here we go a medium peach has about 200 mg of potassium a small banana 467 mg a medium potato with the skin most the potassium in the skin is 422 mg and a sweet potato with skin 508 mg 1/2 cup of cooked asparagus 200 mg raisins one of those 28 grand boxes 210 mg of potassium coconut 1 cup shredded coconut is 285 mg of potassium there many more foods rich in potassium and I have completed a list that you can look at you can get it at blood-pressure videos.com/potassium so go there get the list and include these items in your diet in addition to having plenty of potassium these foods provide lots of other healthy nutrients thank you for watching if you found this video helpful sign up for our email newsletter you will be notified when I’m

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