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PharmerDon, Inc was founded by Donald Levasseur, PharmD. We believe that independently owned pharmacies are part of the  backbone of American healthcare and the true innovators in the retail pharmacy world. It is by promoting and advancing the independents that true improvements in retail pharmacy are brought about. Our role at PharmerDon, Inc is in providing independent pharmacies the tools to effectively promote their services thus allowing more patients to experience the exceptional care and service only available from an independent pharmacy.

Pharmacy Merchandise

Pharmacy merchandise has the best selection of pharmacy themed products. We offer hundreds unique pharmacy related designs which are available on thousands of items, gifts and apparel. You will find many graphics and multiple color variations of the graphics.

Pharmacy Website Design

Pharmacy Website Design understands what it takes to develop a professional easy to use website that engages your customers and quickly gives them what they are looking for. Any website design company can build a  website for your pharmacy.

Pharmacy Directory

The Independent Pharmacy Directory was created to help promote awareness and utilization of independent pharmacies across the United States. As the major chains have grown in size and number of location they have often hurt the independent pharmacies and in many locations independent have closed their doors.

Facebook Training

Facebook Training for Pharmacy websites and businesses. Step by step course to market your business on social media to get more customers. Don’t miss it and get your training now.
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