PharmerDon, Inc was founded to help consumers navigate the maze of sometimes shady health information. Don Levasseur, founder of PharmerDon, Inc believes that patients should be given the information they need to be an active participant in managing their health.

By day Don Levasseur is a mild mannered almost professorial pharmacist working behind the counter in suburban South Carolina. On his days off though, the University of Florida College of Pharmacy product becomes “PharmerDon” and spend his time educating people about health and medications.

The information shared is not limited to prescription and over the counter medications but includes alternative treatments, lifestyle changes and diet and exercise. A more complete and balanced approach is likely to result in better outcomes.

Levasseur’s PharmerDon persona was born out of his pharmacy training, his genuine desire to help people and his passion to explore, navigate and expand the use a variety of information sources for the improved health ot the patient.

Over time, PharmerDon will seek to bring in outside content from highly respected writers to increase the amount of high quality information shared to its audience.

Everything contained in this website is for informational purposes only and should be used only after discussion with the patient’s medical provider(s).

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