bigstock_MortarPharmerDon, Inc was founded in order to help independent pharmacies be found online. Don Levasseur, founder of PharmerDon believes that independent pharmacy should have all the resources possible to promote their pharmacy and their website should be central to all their regular marketing.

PharmerDon, Inc Hybrid Web Designs Yield High Visibility For Independent Pharmacies.

By day Don Levasseur is a mild mannered almost professorial pharmacist working behind the counter in suburban Southc Carolina. On his days off though, the University of Florida College of Pharmacy product becomes PharmerDon and many of his custom creations have cropped up on Google’s search engine with a high ranking prompting people to wonder, just who or what is this guy?

Levasseur’s PharmerDon persona exists primarily in cyberspace and was born out of his pharmacy training, his genuine desire to help people and his passion to explore, navigate and expand the use of the web for the independent pharmacy and its clientele. “This PharmerDon venture keeps me interested and engaged in my pharmacy and larger healthcare interests while helping me to offer a leg up for the small independents,” Levasseur explained. “Most independent pharmacy websites I looked at were unattractive and not very useful; by contrast, the chain drugstores boast a huge presence with many user-friendly applications available to the consumer. As a result of this research, I saw a huge need and an opportunity to offer my assistance. Seeking out the expertise of some strategic partners
PharmerDon became a reality,” Levasseur said. Combining his pharmacy experience in both hospital and retail settings, Levasseur truly believes he has his “finger on the pulse of what the computer savvy consumer finds relevant and how the independent pharmacy can benefit.”

Key to the plan to attract cyber interest/clients is the importance of bringing value to the consumer. “We offer items for the consumer to download that others haven’t even thought of such as customized diabetic monitoring forms,” Levasseur explained. He has also devised strategies for the independents to “improve their daily workflow by really learning how to use their website. “ In providing his services, PharmerDon’s work yields “a turnkey website that can be fully integrated into social media networks if desired.”

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